Anastasiya Kunets


Anastasiya Kunets is a practicing illustrator and artist from Minsk, Belarus, focused on fashion illustrations. Her style consists of combining national traditions and international modernity in her artworks. 

“Junction of life velocity, technologies, at the same time conserving traditions and national philosophy - is the Real Key to the modern art, which can’t be based on emptiness, and it has to transform national originality in the most non trite manner.» - Anastasiya’s artistic philosophy. The process was delicate and sophisticated: «While creating the ‘Golden Straw’ illustration series of the same-titled collection for a Belarusian brand ‘LimitedMinsk’ I’ve started thinking about modern vision of the Belarusian crafts and national motives which have sacral character. Color, form, fluidity of fabric have reminded me the Belarusian straw himmeli, but in it modern, impressionist and uncommon processing, that completely reflects the cornerstone symbol of this collection conceived by designers - the Golden Straw as a reflection of national identity.”



Instagram: @anastasiya_kunets
Facebook: Anastasiya Kunets