Ana Rey


“My name is Ana Rey, I was born in Alicante, Spain. Currently I am living in Valencia, a charming Mediterranean city. Food inspires me and it is an important part of my work, I love to go to the market every morning and enjoy all the Mediterranean goods this city provides.

In my studio, there is always a pencil, at the beginning of every project that I start I sketch along with a hot coffee in the morning, or a tea in the afternoon. I like to describe my work as a mix between analog and digital, I like combining paper and plastic, for me paper is like the soul and plastic like the head. Among all my projects I would highlight the illustrated Vichy
Sun-guide for the SisterMag online magazine. They are a great team and gave me a lot of freedom, we were both very satisfied.

At the moment I am working on many projects, especially in the
editorial field”.



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Instagram: @ana.rey_