Alexis Kelly


My training completed in 2016 at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah Georgia where I graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts in Graphic Design and a minor in Advertising. While studying at SCAD I had the pleasure to work and intern with many different companies in Atlanta and Savannah where I gained a range of experience working in the graphic design field - from a national magazine publication called South Magazine to an international fashion brand called Sienna & Bellini. Through my learning at SCAD and my work experience I gathered many skills including branding and identity, logo design, app and web design, presentation design, motion graphics, advertising, and illustration. My work became a melting pot of these skill sets and experiences making me the multidisciplinary designer I am today. 

After graduation I was offered an internship position in Los Angeles as a digital design intern for the digital agency Razorfish. Nervous but excited, I moved to Los Angeles and interned with the company during the Summer. Looking back, I could not have asked for a better experience coming right out of college. Over the course of the summer I got to work on a variety of projects and formed great relationships with the people I worked with. The west coast environment and talented people I worked with inspired me every day. Following my internship at Razorfish I was offered another internship position with one of my favorite companies Adult Swim. I’ve always been fascinated and inspired by their work absorbing it through culture and entertainment. I enjoy tackling the creative challenges at Adult Swim through conceptually driven imagery and flavorful color palettes. I like my work to be visually expressive, bold and exciting and am thankful to have the freedom to express it at Adult Swim. In addition to my internship work, I am involved with a startup mobile app called Blinks, a unique digital sticker store designed by a community of artist including myself. Constantly creating new content to contribute to its ever-growing collection of bright, animated stickers. 

In the future I aim to design for social, political and environmental change and work in collaboration with other fields in order to create the biggest impact for my designs.



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