Alexandra Jones


Alexandra Jones (Alex) is an Australian artist based in Sydney. Presently, she is completing a Bachelor of Design (Visual communication) at Western Sydney University in hopes of becoming a graphic designer with a central focus on illustration. Before this she completed a Visual arts body of work for her HSC at Newtown Performing Arts High School.

Alex’s artwork is influenced by numerous song lyrics, film quotes and poetry exerts that resinate with her. Occasionally the verse inspiring the work is alsoher own as she has a smaller passion for creative writing. Her art style is heavily influenced by Japanese anime and manga, as well as western comic book and graphic novel artwork. 

Alex works with felt-tip pens on paper, using blacks, whites and greys with small amounts of pastel colour. Either from markers or watercolour paint. However, she has recently taken to digital sketches and is branching out into the medium a great deal. Experimenting with black line work and three main colours, pastel pink, purple and blue.

Alex uses art as self-expression, exploration, catharsis, and occasional escapism. She believes art is first and foremost a visual representation of a person’s inner most self. Even if the work tells an unrelated story, or portrays what an artist hopes for the future, it reveals who they are in the present. 

Alex hopes that her work will trigger a small emotionally cathartic response within a viewer. Whether that be from discovering someone else shares an idea, has been through a similar experience, or just enjoying something aesthetically pleasing or humorous. These are all things she has experienced from other artist’s work, and they have driven her to continue art making. 



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