Adrianne Dimitrakakis


Adrianne Dimitrakakis is an illustrator based in Torquay, Australia. Her style of illustration consists of intricate lines work spliced with flowy watercolour. As Adrianne draws her inspiration from the sea, her art has a coastal feel. Whether it’s bold indigo watercolour waves or black fine-liner ink illustrations of creatures from the sea.

Adrianne has always loved drawing as a child. Originally on the walls but her mum helped her move to her drawing to paper. Growing up through High School and Uni, she would always find ways to incorporate her drawings or hand script into every project.

Her design process starts with “an idea I will randomly get and have to sketch down that minute. I’ll research it and then start off with pencil first until I like how it’s looking and then commit to the pen. If it’s a piece I plan on using watercolour as well as fine liners, I’ll sketch out the design in pencil first, then add the watercolour and then add the pen last. I always get my idea of what to draw next randomly and always when I’m in the middle of already drawing something. I never have a moment where I don’t know what to draw, which is great but I always feel so busy and get excited for the next thing I wish to draw but I still haven’t finished the one I’m working on.”

She had recently finished a world map series for an exhibition in Melbourne, Drift. Drawing on inspiration from old vintage maps and the idea you could find one of these map artworks washed up on the beach somewhere.  The collection featured vintage inspired maps, compasses, palm trees and a detailed world map illustration on a surfboard.



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