Adzzim Rosli


Adzzim Rosli grew up in Kuala Lumpur. In early 2011, after dropping out from a local university, he started working at a various design studios. The projects Adzzim worked on varied from branding, app design to motion graphic and still design before venturing into the advertising industry. 

While working as an art director at one of the biggest advertising agency in Malaysia, he co-founded a project called “hurufhuruf” with a fellow artist. Infusing pop art, music and local culture as influences for the work. His love for striking and vibrant colors can be seen in these works. 

He always starts a project by sketching on a piece of paper. Adzzim believes that the computer is only a machine that takes instruction, although it does enhances the outcome. Addzim states that: “not over thinking while being critical at the same time are the keys to produce great work”.



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Instagram: @hurufhuruf