Aaron Tenbuuren


After graduating from Northeastern University in 2013 with a BFA in Graphic Design, Aaron joined Intrepid, a mobile development and design agency in Cambridge, MA. While at Intrepid, Aaron has worked on projects including: in-gym experiences, 3d modelling software for tablets and phones, apps utilizing IoT, as well as strategy based engagements for world-known companies and newly formed start-ups. Aaron’s eye for design, product focused mind, and sympathy for users has helped companies produce applications that have not only gone on to increase user engagement and trust, but also win awards in their respective fields.

Aaron’s interest in design was sparked at a young age, when he was constantly drawing cars of the future, new and creative tools to explore space, or creatures from unknown corners of the earth. It was rare to find Aaron without some form of writing utensil in hand and face down in a stack of papers. This trend carried through to high school, when Aaron first became aware of the fact that he could make a career out of designing logos, posters, and book covers as a professional designer. Research into the field of design brought Aaron to become familiar with the likes of Paul Rand, Massimo Vignelli, Milton Glaser, and Saul Bass, who all influenced him in the direction he wanted his career to move in. In college Aaron started to work with interactive mediums such as websites and environmental design, eventually leading him to search for a career in the UI/UX field.



Email Address: aaron.tenbuuren@gmail.com

Website: www.aaron10buuren.com

Twitter: @aaron10buuren

Instagram: @aaron10buuren